Here's a transcript of the commercial appearance The Monkees made for Yardley Black Label Aftershave!

DJ - David Jones
MD - Micky Dolenz
MN - Michael Nesmith
PT - Peter Tork


No dialog. A flower child looks up to see 4 parachuting Monkees. Only Michael hits the ground; the other three become tangled in a tree. Michael brushes off his parachute and sees the flower child racing towards him in slow motion, with open arms. The two rush towards each other with open arms in slow motion, as the Yardley Black Label jingle is sung.

The pace is restored to normal speed as she races past Michael towards David, who's dangling from the tree in his parachute, applying a little YBL cologne to his cheeks. The scene ends as David and the girl, clad in leopardskins in Tarzan/Jane fashion, swing to and fro on a vine.

Download the jingle for Yardley Black Label!

(WAV Format, 181k)


These either followed The Monkees' main title credits or preceded The Monkees' end credits.

Glimmerick Eye Paint

(WAV Format, 115k)

Londonderry Hair (with Jean Shrimpton)

(WAV Format, 116k)

Yardley Black Label Aftershave

(WAV Format, 110k)

Yardley Slicker Lip Polish

(WAV Format, 111k)

Twiggy Lashes

(WAV Format, 121k)

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